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Can We have our brand on both side of MultiPort Type C Connector

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No gradient color lOGO

About our brand logo, we have not yet finalised the final version for now but the most recent one are as in attachment. 

According to the given logos, is it applicable to engrave on the connector head? Are there any restrictions in terms of engraving logo? 

Please let me know so I can work out with the final one before sending to you. 

There is no color for laser engraved logo. If you want a colourful logo, silk print is a way to make it, but brand logo should be no gradient color.


Purchasing Order From Thailand Market about Brand USB Cable

Today we recieved a PO from Thailand about 

(3.1)USB A with Micro A with Plastic box, Sticky transparent Label, Brand printed on both side of connector   

(3.2) USB A with Lightning with Plastic box, Sticky transparent Label, Brand printed on both side of connector

(3.3) 2 in 1 connector: 200 pcs.(= 1 carton) for the first with plastic box and sticky transparent label. (no brand printed on both side)

Product List:
- USB A with Micro A : 640 pcs. /2 full cartons
- USB A with lightning : 600 pcs. / 3 full cartons
- 2 in 1 connector : 200 pcs. / 1 full caron

About model USB A with Micro and USB A with Lightning, Your product comes with round cable. I would like to know 

whether you can change from round cable to flat cable(which is used in MultiPort Type C Connector) or not? Does it effect the cost? 

Yes, we can supply this flat cable(check the attached picture), but price is higher, I can quote to you if needed, just let me know please.


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