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CNEXUS Payment Method: Personal Western Union Account Payment

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Personal Western Union Payment

Today we received a PO who is asking the company account to pay for Type C connector USB Cable Order,I think we need to make it clearly again.

It is not easy to do WU registered companyin Thailand

About Western Union account, currently we do not have a company WU registered account and it seemed not easy to do that in Thailand also. Hence, according to our company policy, we required company account to transfer money when it comes to the next real ordering, not only sample like this time. Appreciate your advise if there is any other available options for transfer money via company account.

The account info that you had given to me seemed to be a personal western union account. Just want to check whether you have a company account or not? So the payment is going to be between company to company.

Yes, this is our personal western union account, since in China, the term of opening a company western union account is very very strict,  one of their request is that the payment receiving no less than 250 sum counts every Month. That's why we choose to use the personal account, and I enquired our western union service, if you're a registered company in WU, you can remmit the payment to our personal account. Could you help check if you're the WU registered one and can remmit to our western union personal account? Appreciate your help, thanks.

BTW, what's the condition for opening a company WU account in Thailand? Is it easy to make it?


HK Company account for receiving payment

Basically, we prefer to use the West Union for small amount sample charge receiving, it's very convenient to us to get the money (the bank is just near by our company) and can take quick action to send the samples to our clients after the payment is confirmed. 

For real ordering payment, we will use our HK company account for money transfer always, this is a common rule which doing business between company and company, so please don't worry the payment account issue. I will send you the official PI to you when you're ready for the real ordering, there is detail payment account in it.

For the samples, We will send out as soon as I got our financial dept. colleague's confirmation, maybe tomorrow will be sent it to you. (see attached pic, ready for sending) But sorry to tell you, I didn't get the flat cables till now since out of stock, I will send them to you together with the next real order. I believe it won't take too long.

BTW, currently I have other samples at hand now, like keychain flash light, plastic membership card, if you're interested to get some, just feel free to let me know.

Thanks again for your positive action on the sample fee. And we're looking forward to be your business partner for the long term relationship.

For the real ordering payment, can we pay in the currency of CNY instead of USD?

Our HK company account high possibility cann't received CNY but USD.We can provide our peronal account to receive CNY currency. 

Do you have CNY currency at hand or is there any inconvenience to pay by USD? Did you ever pay money through this way before?

I suggest you pay to our HK company account, unless you have China Agent to pay CNY to our personal account.

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