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USB Cable Quality Controlling System

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USB Cable Quality Controlling System

All the tests were just ordinary usage (plug and charge) and nothing special was done on the testing items. 

we have agreed that all models, except USB A - Micro USB A, are under our required standard and we can proceed the next ordering with this below quality. Hence, if possible, 

we would appreciate your help to source for the better quality material that would ensure our customer to get their best at the competitive price.

Quality:100% inspection before packaging

The new factory is more professional to produce USB cables, they are strict with quality control, they will do 100% inspection before packaging, and this can mostly avoid previous defect parts occured.

Sample:charge $30 shipping cost for your quality testing

We can provide rose pink gold and gold color lightning cables for your quality testing, but it may charge $30 shipping cost to your place, or can you arrange your own courier service to pick up the sample?

American Wire Standard Cable Specification

We use 28AWG specification which is an American Wire Standard, there are 28(4*7pcs) copper wires in the cable, that's the most common standard to produce cables, good for transfering data and charging for phones. And the number of coppers will effect the quality of charging speed to some extent.

Here is feedback from our Quality Controlling System Team

2. For USB A - Lightning, we could charge the mobile phone via this cable for only a few days. After that, it did not work anymore which likely to be a cable problem. Also, we have some following comments about this model.

a. Understand that for this model, it was designed to imitate with cable size of the genuine iPhone Lightning cable. However, the different was when we bent the cable,

 this cable stayed in the form we bent and did not revert to the original condition comparing to the genuine one. So we have concern about the quality after it is used for a while.  

b. We assumed that a problem with the cable came from smaller cable size comparing to Micro USB A. Thus, we prefer to have cable size for this model to be as thick as Micro USB A but not sure if there is any cost change. Appreciate your help to check.

3. For 2-in-1 connector, we have to say that this model quality is unacceptable. Refer to the attached photo of a pink one, it was broken just the first time we tested. For the other green one,

 it needed a lot of effort in order to charge and seemed to be fragile.

For 2-in-1 connector, I think the problem was the assembly quality of the connection point between the cable and the connector head (please refer to photo in my previous email). However, we would like to do the testing with your new model as well.


Defected Cables Replace Service

if you found this defects during pre-quality screen process before delivering to your customers.

You can replace new cable from us if it meet the following requirement.
The defected cables rate are more than 2% .we can include a discount upon in our next order.

1. Micro USB don't work for some reason as I had mentioned earlier.
2. Lightning cables got a rust on the connector head.
3. Both cable types found that some outer cable cover were loose and shorten.
4. No logo was screened on the connector head.
5. There were some stains on cable.
6. The joint between connector and cable was broken.

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