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100000pcs USB Flash Drive Order With Customize PCB Portion

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Custom USB Flash Drive

if your want the best quality data transfer speed with usb 3.0 but my demand is something different with the common usb flash drive. Anyway here is my unique requirement below...

1. I need 2 in 1 usb flash drive that means 2 pic 32GB Memory built in one flash drive, here using a switch to change 1 memory to another memory. I mean 2pic of 32GB flash memory together into one flash drive and it's work indivisibly using a switch. 

3. I need also a data write protect switch for one part of 32GB memory which memory supported OTG and second part of 32GB memory data write protect option have to be a secret joint point into PCB board which we protect it manually after loading data. 

4. I need a plug & play built in password protection system for one part of 32GB memory which memory supported OTG and password reset software for further customer support. (if possible)

5. I want this flash drive complete circuit, it's body and packaging materials individually because I want to assemble and packaging it to my company.

6. I need our customize branding logo and customize shape which I send you later.

7. I want a quality packaging with our brand. 

8. I want to know this products warranty system, how do I get this products warranty, terms and conditions and duration.


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