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We have a PPB of Law in Brazil,Can we sold type C Adapters To Brazil?

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Expensive when add the duties and taxes in Brazil

We made the calculations and we found out that it is very expensive when we have to add the duties and taxes in Brazil. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to import under these price conditions.

If you do not know the import rule of Brazil.You may pay more than your expected.Luckily.We do not need to pay more for USB Type C Adapter...

Type C adapters do not inlcude in PPB of Law in Brazil

Here in Brazil we have a PPB of Law, where the cable for mobile and tablet must be manufactured in Brazil.

Our interest was only in the purchase of connectors for USB Type C if manufacturer.

As for adapters, we do not have this law.

So I asked, soon we will have to manufacture for compliance the local cable.

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