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Inquiry about USB adapter(TYPE C)and flash drive Supplier In China

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USB adapter and flash drive Supplier In China

In 2015, We received a inquiry about searching for electronic devices such as USB adapter and flash drive to sell in Thailand from website.

We are glad to produce flash drive and variety of USB gadgets and ship it world widely.

1. About USB flash drive “type C”, Do your company sell this type of flash drive? If you have this kind of flash drive, Could you send me a catalogue?

We have USB adapter for wholesale, like Type C to Male adapter, to Female adapter, to OTG adaper, to Micro B adapter, and you even can custom the cable length, or your company logo on it. 

And attached is some of our Type C products, also check please.


2. Do you have flash drive which has 2 types of connector?  (USB2.0 and Type C connector combine in one flash drive).

3. What is the MOQ for each model and price quotation?

our MOQ is 500 pcs, but sometime we can lower our quantity for special case. 

4. Does the freight charge include in the selling price or separately charge?

Our quotation include the freight charge and selling price.

5. Do you have USB adapter? I mean I look for USB adapter between USB port 2.0 and USB type C. (example as attached file)

Below is our online page for Type C to Male adapter, for your review.


6. Could you please give me a quotation for USB adapter between Type C male and Type A male connector with cable length 50 cm. 500 pcs.
you need to pay the duty under this term. As for the flash drive with Type C connector and OTG flash drive with type C and A connector, we need to further confirm the cost with our manufacturer, 

will let you know later, before that, could you pls let me know what's the capacity of this falsh drive and do you need to imprint your logo on it? And how many flash drives will you need?

Moreover, I am looking for Flash drive with USB type C connector and OTG flash drive with type C and type A connector (as attached 2).
Could you produce it for me? 

 Isn't this type of flash drive coming from SanDisk at MWC 2015?

Since the Type-C flash drive and OTG flash drive with Type A and C is still under testing in the lab, it's an un-public product until now, 

How about the Type C male and Type A male connector with cable? What do you think of our quotation? Any questions about it?



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