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USB Type A male to Micro A male connector 

Today we received a question about USB Type A male to Micro A male connector ,That is why the cable length 100 cm is cheaper than 50 cm?

So we are going to send the photo of our product and would like to see our packaging


100cm cable cheaper than 50cm

For 100cm cable cheaper than 50cm, 

1 since we have 100cm cable in stock currently, 

2 But for 50cm cable, it's not a common size, we have to custom to produce this length.

My quotation is included the packaging cost, attached is our product with packing. 

3 Different Package Way for 100cm length, we will use the kraft paper to wrap per piece, for 50cm length, will wrapped by metal wire. And it can depend on how you want to pack.

50 cm will wrapped by metal wire



Kraft paper to wrap 100 cm


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