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Logo Mold Charge And Sticky Label Of USB Connector

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USB A to Micro A and USB A to Lightning

1.)  Refer to 1.3) in previous email, you said that there will be mold charges at 200 USD for "USB A to Micro A" and "USB A to Lightning" and another 200 USD for "2-in-1 connector". 

I would like to ask whether is this because of the different type of USB cable that affect the cost of mold charge? (According to your previous photo of 2-in-1 connector, 

it is the only model with flat cable.)  If yes, is it possible to charge only one time 200 USD for all models if we prefer all three models with flat cable?

Gary: "USB A to Micro A" and "USB A to Lightning" is the same supplier, we can use the same mold for your brand printing, so I only charge 100USD, but 2-in-1 connector is manufactured by another one, so need to pay another 200USD mold charge. 

2.) Under the conditions of plastic box with sticky label plus my brand logo printed on both side of USB connector. Refer to your latest quotation in 2.)

 in previous email, it seems that the cost of every model are increased at 0.29USD comparing to the previous quotation with only plastic box. For example, 

the cost for "USB A to Micro A" with only plastic box was 0.59USD while the latest quotation with plastic box, sticky label, and brand logo printed on both side of connector is 0.88USD. Hence, 0.88 - 0.59 = 0.29 USD.

However, I have a doubt on this increasing cost. Based on information in your reply mail on 21 April 2015, the cost of "USB A to Micro A" with plastic box 

and sticky label was 0.69USD and the cost of logo printing on connector itself was 0.15USD. Therefore, total cost should be 0.69+0.15 = 0.84USD under 

three conditions instead of 0.88USD in your latest quotation. Hence, please help clarify what is the gap 0.88-0.84 = 0.04USD comes from?  (This gap also applies to the other two models as well).  

  Gary: There are two kinds of sticky labels, sorry not to clarify clearly in my previous mail. Attached is two labels sample,  for your reference, the gap:0.04USD is due to the different cost for the labels. One is paper sticky label, another is transparent label. What kind of label do you prefer? I will update the price if you let me know your choice.



3.) Refer to 3.) about the sample delivery to Thailand, is 50 USD for air express to Thailand the cheapest expense? 

Is there any possible way cheaper than this? Also, I would like to ask what is the best way to transfer money to you for sample delivery?

Gary: Understood your concern, may I know what kind of way will you pay the sample charge? We prefer to use the West Union if you can. 

If yes, say 30USD for the shipping cost, but delivery time need 5-7days. Let me know your comment please.


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