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Research and Development, Design, OEM manufacture

Cnexus Connector Team always worrys about following questions:

(1) What is nex generation of USB connector?

(2) How to follow up the sign of the times?

(3) How can we rest our partner and customer heart by offering a competitive deal instead of one-off deal.

Our answers are Quality assurance, Keep Learning, Focus on and reliable QC system.

Quality is most important for any company.we prefer to close the deal if the quality meet a problem. We have 3 method to ensure product quality:

1. Cnexus only sell Type C connector we has been used in reality. We can have a rough understanding of the products quality from it.

2. Cnexus has excellent equipment to ensure the quality,

3. Cnexus has a reliable QC rules and 100% complete inspection instead of sampling inspection.

Cnexus Connector specializes in manufacturing and sales of Type C Cable and wireless charging. After more than 5 years development, C Connector already built a whole electric product line, the main usb cable product includes usb type c connector,usb type c adapter,retractable type-c cable,Multiple Port Type C Cable (2 port,3 port,4 port, 5 port),lightning to usb cable,lightning to lightning cable,usb to usb connector,lightning to 30 pin cable ,reversible connector,etc.